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The perfect T-shirt for auditions, or just to stop you being naked!*

Be the envy of all the other Triple Threaters with your exclusive Actor Singer Dancer T shirt!**

Available in Black or Pink. Male or Female. Sizes S, M, L or XL

Features holes for both arms and for your head!***

Here's how to order:

Step 1: Send an email to stating what size & colour you'd like and whether Male or Female (remember to include your delivery address!).

Step 2: Click the Buy Now button to use PayPal or to pay by Credit/Debit Card

OR send a cheque for 11.00 (8.50 + 2.50 P&P) made payable to 'Triple Threat'.

to :

Triple Threat

C/O 43 Fallsbrook Rd


SW16 6DU

Step 3: Receive your T shirt and enjoy the admiring glances from passers-by or drama school classmates.**

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Terms & Conditions

The bits that nobody reads.

* Success at auditions is not guaranteed, especially if you sing 'Angels' or 'Wind beneath my Wings'. Stopping nakedness can not be guaranteed, especially if playing Truth or Dare after too many Bacardi Breezers.

** Envy or admiring glances are not guaranteed. Although you'll probably get asked where you got the T shirt from.

*** T shirts are made on the presumption of standard 'one head, two arms' arrangement. No discount is available for mono-limbed customers. Special 'conjoined twin' T shirts can be made to order.

These T Shirts are made by the House of Triple Threat. i.e. The cast make them themselves, with love, as a way of raising some funds for their ridiculously expensive Edinburgh Festival run. So really, each one is an individual designer creation. We hope you like them. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the quality of the product, please return them for a full refund, alongside a note saying 'Cock off and buy something from the Pineapple Dance Studio Range'.

Love & Kisses, Triple Threat