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Giggling Pie @ Jongleurs

On Tuesday 15th February 2000, an evening of sketches and various comic acts was held at Jongleurs comedy club, Leicester.
As part of the Leicester comedy festival, the evening allowed us to showcase our work in the run up to the main Cheese & Scrumpy performance.
From a welcoming audience we received a very warm response, showing the Leicester public that there is a good standard of comedy in the city if you know where to look!
Various pieces from the Cheese & Scrumpy show were performed, allowing us to advertise, as well as appear at such a highly respected comedy venue.
During the evening other performers showed their own styles of comedy through monologues and even contemporary dance! Despite this, the evening for Giggling Pie was a great success, many people commenting on the high standard of our material.

Look out Jongleurs, you ain’t’ seen nothing’ yet!!!

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