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Hello! We do a regular podcast show called Colin and Rob's Guides, which is basically a mix of comedy & new music. We feature new unsigned bands each week. If you'd like us to feature your band or a band you know, just send us a message.

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The Guides so far:

1) The Guide to the Guides. Featured Band Kyro

2) The Guide to the Internet. Featured Band Megson

3) The Guide to London (& The White Stripes) Featured Band The Fades

4) The Guide to Radio. Featured Band Subterranea

5) The Guide to Radio Pt 2. Featured Band Blackbud

6) The Guide to Radio Cornwall. Featured Band No Standards

7) The Guide to London Pt 2. Featured Bands Tits of Death and Billie the Vision & the Dancers

8) The Guide to Food. Featured Bands Shin Jin Rui and Lucid

9) Interview with Matt Berry from Snuff Box/ The Mighty Boosh/ Garth Marenghi.

10) The Guide to Edinburgh Festival. Featured Bands The Puppini Sisters, God's Pottery and Claire Toomey

11) The Guide to Love & Dating. Featured Bands Royal Treatment Plant and People of Santiago

12) The Guide to Celebrity (with TV Presenter Simon Grant). Featured Bands Undadogg and Local Heroes

We really appreciate your feedback on all the shows, so please get in touch. If you want to leave a comment or recommend an (unsigned) artist or band, or just say hello, then either leave a message on the new shiny guestbook or drop us an email.